The intention of this paper is to ignite discussion about continuing professional development (CPD) at Waiariki Institute of Technology.  Three formal forms of CPD operate within Waiariki and it is noted that data about the range, nature and extent of involvement in CPD can be easily recorded.  Such data should be gathered.  Not so easily documented are non-formal and informal forms of CPD but their importance must not be overlooked.  This discussion paper notes that although the Charter and the Business Plan are strong on espousing biculturalism, it appears that CPD which focuses on biculturalism may not be strong in practice.  It is suggested that measures to strengthen this should be considered and action learning approaches are advocated.  The discussion paper also notes that QA and CPD go hand-in-hand and while the Institute clearly provides CPD, the systematic linkage of such activity to performance appraisals is an important factor that must not be neglected.  The need for induction programmes is noted and the importance is highlighted of growing researchers through carefully planned and systematically delivered CPD, mentoring, symposia and workshops.  Finally, the discussion document provides two appendices detailing specific policies the Institute may wish to consider adapting and adopting. To access a PDF version of the paper, click here.