Recaptured blog on referencing your work in the clouds...

For reasons that I never quite understand, things which are uploaded in good faith, appear, sometimes but not always, to have a very short life.   They vanish, goodness knows to where, and if the orginal has not been kept, their disappearance is, to all intents and purposes - PERMANENT!

The attachment that relates to this blog did that.  I'm not at all sure where it went but as it happens, I'd preserved it (which is something I recommend to thesis writers) and so I've up-loaded once more.  You can access the work on referencing your work in the clouds by clicking here.  It's only three pages long but I think you'll find it useful.  It's worthwhile if only because insofar as resources go, this is (in my view), one of the more useful items I've generated for the public domain.  So if you too find it to be useful then do make sure you keep it and do also give it to others.  OK?