Woodhill Park Retreat

Dr Jens J. Hansen and Andrew Connolly

Andrew Connolly is the Director of the South Kaipara Men and Family Centre (SKMFC).  He has a Masters degree in counselling and counselling is an integral dimension of the work completed at the SKMFC.  Andrew asked Jens to become a partner in an evaluation of the SKMFC which was sponsored by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. Their writing together has been occasioned by their collaborative work in ensuring that the evaluation was completed. 

 Articles by this Author

A presentation on the duality of evaluation research presented by Dr Jens Hansen and Andrew Connolly at the New Zealand Association of Counsellors Research Conference

The Evaluator and the Evaluatee: Two Sides of the Same Research Coin

Dr Jens J. Hansen, Woodhill Park Research Retreat

Andrew Connolly, Director, South Kaipara Men and Family Centre


Over the past twelve months, a Lotteries Commission funded evaluation of the South Kaipara Men and Family Centre has been completed.  The Centre was formed to deliver programmes which promote the welfare of men, young men and their families and has a staff of three part-time people.  The Director also runs a private counselling practice from The Centre.  The evaluation study appraised the work of The Centre over its first five years of operation and applied an action development model as proposed by Jenkin (2010).  A mixed methods approach to gathering data was used and ensuing data were analysed with the aid of SPSS and NVivo 8.  Findings revealed a much appreciated organisation and highly valued staff.  The community would like to see The Centre obtain secure funding so that, amongst other things, it can become a broker and a deliverer of even more services.  Wider promotion, however, could be both a boon and a blinker to The Centre and its staff.  Against that backdrop, this presentation focuses on the sometimes varying views of the evaluator and the evaluatee.  We especially want to highlight latent consequences that can emerge from evaluation research into community development and allied counselling services. 

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