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How to critically review the literature - a must for your thesis.
Drs. Hansen and Smith

Drs. Jens Hansen and Richard Smith began collaborating as writers, teachers and researchers at Unitec where, for a short time, they were each engaged with the Master of Educational Management. Even though they have now moved on from Unitec, they continue to work together. They have interviewed and critically interpreted the work of Professor Michael Apple and they have appraised the New Zealand Teachers’ Council (note that they persist in correctly adding an apostrophe – especially because it is a Council for teachers!). Jens and Richard have also co-developed various teaching resources which continue to be sought after by postgraduate students and other academics.

By Drs. Hansen and Smith
Published on 03/3/2008

Here are some resources on generating a critical literature review - and please note the emphasis is on the word critical.  Many thesis writers and researchers simply give an account of what the literature proposes and forget about critiquing the materials they review.  This material includes a link to some teaching material developed by Drs. Jens Hansen and Richard Smith.  It also discusses fundamental steps to critiquing reviewed literature.

There are two items which can be accessed: first, a slide-show (click here to access that slide show) and second, some accompanying notes which inform the slide-show (click here to access those notes).

A simple but sensible suggestion to make is that you print off the notes and then trawl through the slide show at your own pace and in your own space within your own place.