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So you have to write a report
Dr Jens Hansen, Melanie Wong & Jo Perry
Dr Jens Hansen, Jo Perry and Melanie Wong have each contributed to the development of this resource.  Each of them are involved with the School of Education at the Manukau Institute of Technology 
By Dr Jens Hansen, Melanie Wong & Jo Perry
Published on 10/12/2010
This is another resource for budding researchers only this time, the focus is on preparing a report.  There are two items which can be accessed here.  The first is a power point slide show that you can trawl through at your own pace in your own place.  The second is a single sheet PDF that takes the various points introduced in the slide show and concertinas them onto one page.  To access the power point slide show, click here and, to open the PDF file on report preparation, click here.

Our suggestion is that you view the first resource and that you then print off the single sheet for guiding you whilst you're preparing your report.  You should also remember to have a look at the various other resources we've included within this website, for instance, the various guides to writing your literature review, the letter on ethics, the guide to writing an abstract and so on.  

These resources can be found in the categories box (see Research resources, Scholastic resources, Letters about research and scholarship, and, even Community resources).  Have a browse at your leisure and do tell others about anything you've found to be useful.