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Keynote address to Seventh Early Childhood Education Symposium at Manukau Institue of Technology, March, 2010
Dr. Jens J. Hansen

Dr. Jens J. Hansen has worked in education for more than four decades and his interests span research methods, adult learning, philosophy and rural education.
He has survived a suite of experiences including parenthood, building, badminton and red wine. 
By Dr. Jens J. Hansen
Published on 07/8/2010

"Would the REAL you please stand up." The importance of Self as Teacher. 

Dr Jens J. Hansen, Woodhill Park Research Retreat

As teachers we assume a broad range of roles – we sometimes prompt learners, we are often prompted by them; we are sometimes teachers, oft-times learners; we are sometimes testers and we’re very frequently tested. We’re expected to have the soul of a leader and the mind of a manager; we have to be politically astute sensitive ambassadors but we also have to be hard-nosed, resolute drivers. At the drop of a hat we’re expected to perform brilliantly– sometimes as comical buffoons and at other times as tragic-heroes, dripping with pathos. And occasionally we even perform farcically. We need eyes in the back of our head and ears which discern more than what is being said. We even need a nose that ‘knows’! So how best might we make sense of the complex mosaic that is the teacher’s role-set? This address examines role-challenges which confront teachers – novices and veterans alike. It is reasoned that clarifying teacher roles involves knowing yourself, your values, your ethics, your ideals. That’s never going to be easy even though it’s important for your learners and for your professional self. But it can be done.

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