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Two templates for the not-for-profit sector: strategic planning for dummies and an evaluation research template.
Dr. Jens J. Hansen

Dr. Jens J. Hansen has worked in education for more than four decades and his interests span research methods, adult learning, philosophy and rural education.
He has survived a suite of experiences including parenthood, building, badminton and red wine. 
By Dr. Jens J. Hansen
Published on 09/22/2008
I've long been a fan of a piece of software called MindManager which is a mind-mapping tool that is considerably more powerful than Inspiration but not quite as easy to use.  I think that the software is very effect, for instance, for generating a research proposal or for formulate\ing complex project plans.  Literally, what you do is import the various criteria which have to be addressed and then sequentially trawl through those criteria whilst addressing their dimensions by populating them with whatever your valid responses might be.  

It can also be used to generate templates for action and I've developed two which I'm now sharing with you.  The first came about some few years ago and pertains to evaluation.  Quite literally, I generated a computer aided approach to an evaluation plan whilst others were using butcher's paper.  At that point, I decided that this represented a very useful template and in fact, it became a resource I've shared with postgraduate research methods students whom I've taught over the years.  To access a PDF version of that template, click here.  To negotiate gaining access the MindManager version of the template, contact us at the Woodhill Park Research Retreat.

More recently, I've facilitated a series of strategic planning workshop and to ensure that participants succeeded in what they had set out to achieve, I created a template that embodied the very best of what I'd been able to discern on the net.  Click here to see that template as a PDF.

There's a power point show that goes with the Strategic Planning template and if you click here, you can view it.  To get hold of the MindManager template on strategic planning, you'd need to contact me and you'd also need to find out about the software from me.  Patrick Baker is the New Zealand expert and he sells the programme through his company MindLogik.

If you want to contact me to facilitate either an evaluation exercise or a strategic planning workshop, do email us by using the contact us option on this website or by clicking here.